About us

Potier des Iles was created to meet the increasing demand for quality pottery products for interior and exterior decoration for the high end market. The promoter of the company reckons 25 years experience in the construction industry.

The company offers some ten different categories of pottery items ranging from decorative pots to fully functional waterfalls. To date around 1000 items are on display most of which are giant pottery products that may exceed the average human height.






Our products are innovative and are all Made in Mauritius

Built on a solid metal wire frame for durability of the products

We design products according to your taste and specifications






Potier des Iles offers advice on how to use its products for the modern environment of the offices, houses, hotels, shopping areas, waterfronts, gardens, and other large spaces.


The Mauritian market is becoming more sophisticated and people are looking for products that are different from what has been around for some time. Potier des Iles offers such types of products that are updated regularly to meet the aspirations of the market.


A visit to the company or by checking out our product gallery on this web site allows you to take stock of the capability and resourcefulness of Potier des Iles.






Wall Paintings


and many more






Shopping Centres


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